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Gathered from the Wild: Poems of a Wanderer  (click here for sample poem)

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Sample Poem (p. 32):

A Deeper Sense

I sometimes fret that wanderers I lead
will miss the subtler traces on the trail -
a broken stream's asides on moistened shale,
coyotes' white commas lost to hikers' speed -
or hear harsh, cursing crows and yet not heed
the owl or hawk those sentences entail.
Too soon the rhythm of the path grows stale
without full stops to glean as we proceed.

Have I myself read all the ridgelines right?
Thank wildness that they still have much to teach -
I answer humbly - though I've searched them long.
To read between them needs this deeper sight:
to spy in mute rocks geologic speech,
to know the hermit thrush's heart through song.